Our Beliefs

Have you ever wondered how it is that there are always candidates to vote for at election times?  When you receive a leaflet through your door from the Conservatives, do you know who delivered it, how it was paid for or who organised it?

The answer may come as a surprise.  The Conservative Party here in Reading East is entirely organised and paid for by local people – volunteers, perhaps your neighbours, who feel strongly enough about what they believe that they are prepared to give up their spare time and help raise money to pay for the Conservative message to be heard in Reading.

We have come together in the national interest. And by rolling up our sleeves and taking the tough but fair decisions on the economy, on the deficit, and in our society, we can get the job done.

Conservatives are absolutely committed to reducing the deficit and restoring confidence in our economy. But we are also working full pelt to create new jobs, wealth and growth – cutting corporation tax, giving tax breaks to new businesses outside of London, supporting key infrastructure projects like high-speed rail, and making sure that work pays. 

And yes, we are taking the tough decisions on things like welfare reform and child benefit. But we are also supporting the vulnerable and the least well off, with more money for the NHS and more money for our schools and the poorest pupils.

Above all, after thirteen years of Labour waste, spin and mismanagement, Britain finally has what it deserves: a strong, stable government taking the right decisions for the long term. I urge you to support the work we are doing by becoming a Conservative member. Join us, and contribute to the ideas, the policies, and the future of the Party.

Our Members are our strongest supporters and our most important advocates. And by becoming a Member and getting involved with your local Conservative Association, you will have the opportunity to get involved in campaigns that make a difference locally,  take part in ballots, attend conference, participate in policy discussions with councillors and even to stand for election. You will be invited to social events and meet like-minded people in your area; and you could also take part in our community Social Action projects.


Now is a great time to join Reading East Conservatives.  Why not play your part in helping to elect more Conservative Councillors in Reading East?
We welcome people who want to get involved and we equally appreciate the quiet support of local people who are perhaps too busy to be active but want to help us by paying an annual subscription.


To join us, please click here.  Your neighbours are joining – don’t be left behind!


So please do encourage your family and friends to join the Conservatives. Join us, and together we can put this country back on its feet.