Budgens Car Park Works are Completed Ahead of Schedule!

Residents who use Budgens car park in Emmer Green will be delighted to see that the works to improve drainage, resurface and re-line the car park are now complete. The barriers in front of the shops to protect the paved area are also in place.

Local contractor Mark Drake and his team have worked through the appalling weather over the last week to complete the work ahead of schedule. This evening the car park looks pristine, from the entrance right across the parking bays, including the new clearly marked disabled bays (see below). By removing the old cobbled areas several new parking bays have been created.

Cllr Richard Willis visited the site to inspect the works and speak to some of the staff in Budgens. He said, “I am really impressed with the quality of the work and the fact that the entire surface of the car park now has a high quality surface which is free of potholes! I congratulate Mr Rashid, owner of Budgens, for commissioning the work, and Mark Drake for the swift completion of the task to such a good standard. I hope that this helps to generate more business for the shops and ensures that our local precinct is secure for the future.”

Cllr Jane Stanford-Beale said “I visited the site this week and spoke with Mark Drake. I was really impressed with his hard work and good humour despite the dreadful weather. The end result is a tribute to the quality of his workmanship and I am sure that being a local resident Mark feels that this is a personal project as much as a business contract.”