Potholes in central Caversham‏

Caversham Councillor Andrew Cumpsty is pleased to be able to give an update to local residents and business owners regarding the state of the roads, especially in central Caversham. He shares the email below from RBC Head of Highways and Transport.

Andrew says, " Hopefully this will be good news and the Council will finally fill in the potholes, following our chasing and long campaigning on the issue. Please also note that they say that as well as patching up the potholes this weekend, that they are also planning to resurface the majority of Church St as well, during the summer months.

 If you need any further help/support/advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch. "


Councillor Cumpsty,


Thank you for your email. We will continue to inspect the centre of Caversham on a regular basis (monthly in the case of Church Street) and will of course repair the roads as necessary. As you may be aware, the majority of Church Street will be resurfaced over the summer months so we are anxious not to spend too much money at this point as the cost will become abortive once the major resurfacing takes place, clearly with limited resources this money could be spent on permanent repairs elsewhere.


I can advise however that emergency repairs will still be carried out and I am aware that we are working in Church Street this weekend to repair a damaged section of road near to the Tesco Petrol Station. This could not in our opinion be left untreated until the summer. We will carry out this kind of repair until the major resurfacing arrives in the summer. Inspections in the wider Caversham area will continue as normal.


kind regards,


Head of Service

Highways and Transport 

Reading Borough Council