Peppard Conservatives Join RESCUE Effort

Peppard Conservatives joined other local people on Sunday to clear an area of rubbish in Emmer Green . Nine local people gathered in Emmer Green as part of the Council’s RESCUE programme which takes place across the Borough.

Councillors Jane Stanford-Beale and Richard Willis, and Peppard candidate Simon Robinson, helped to collect around 20 bags of rubbish from the wooded area between Marshland Square and Rotherfield Way. As well as the usual quantity of sweet wrappers, drinks cans and bottles, the team found a stepping machine, a cot, a handbag with contents, and a passport.

Cllr Jane Stanford-Beale said, “Last time I did this there we had fewer volunteers and there seemed to be a lot more rubbish, so I hope this means that people are being more considerate and dropping less. It is great that there are local people who get together to improve our environment and organise clean ups like this.”

Cllr Richard Willis said, “It is amazing how much rubbish still gets dumped by people walking through the woods. We picked up about 20 bags of rubbish today but I am sure that local people will appreciate the clean woods as well as the beautiful daffodils in full bloom.”

Simon Robinson said, “It was a pleasure to join other local residents to clean this area today. We are fortunate to have a strong sense of community in Peppard ward and that was evident in the number of volunteers who turned out today.”