New Officers elected at AGM

At the Reading East Conservative Association Annual General Meeting on 10th March 2020 a host of new officers were elected to help drive the group forward.  

Shahid Younis was elected to Chairman following on from Jane Stanford-Beale who had been elected interim Chair in September 2019.  Shahid talked about his commitment to ensuring that Councillors and campaigners from across the constituency worked together for the good of the Association and ultimately the Conservative party, getting out our message, upholding our reputation and appealing to a wider and more diverse audience in order to increase our support.

Clare Grashoff was elected to Deputy Chair Political following on from Simon Robinson who had already served for 3 years.  Clare ran the 2019 General Election campaign in North Reading, working closely with the Association officers, campaigners, deliverers and local residents. Working to keep RECA's social media up-to-date allows her to ensure that the incredible amount of positive work that local Conservative Councillors do gets the attention it deserves. She shares Shahid's commitment to ensuring the group works together across the constituency to improve campaigning and widen our supporter base.

Isobel Ballsdon was elected to Deputy Chair Membership and Fundraising following on from Paul Carnell who served for 1 year.  Isobel is very keen to increase the membership by engaging them in lots of varied and vibrant events. Isobel talked about her experiences as a campaigner who has worked in many different areas of the country and the ideas she has taken from those experiences.  She would like to bring these ideas to Reading East, ensuring that she reaches all parts of the constituency for maximum impact.

We extend our congratulations to Shahid, Clare and Isobel and feel sure that they are going to great things with the Association and we thank Jane, Simon and Paul very much for all their incredibly hard work with the Association not just behind the scenes, updating membership and ensuring compliance, but also for their tireless campaigning both during the General Election and since.

Other appointments:

Vice Chairs - Fiona Macfarlane, Tony Stanford-Beale, Adam Phelps

Vice President - Keith Baker OBE

President - Alison Swaddle (serving 2nd year of a 3 yr term)