Conservatives Welcome Reading’s “City Favourite” Status

Reading Borough Conservatives have welcomed the news that the town is the Ladbrokes betting favourite to win City Status in this year’s Diamond Jubilee announcement. The application for City Status was taken forward at no cost to the Council Tax-payer by the Conservative / Lib Dem Coalition with support from Labour. Only the Green party refused to support the initiative. 

Rob meets Citizenship students at The Bulmershe School

Rob Wilson, Member of Parliament for Reading East, met with GCSE Citizenship pupils at Woodley’s The Bulmershe School on Friday and was quizzed on everything from tuition fees to the legal drinking age.

Conservatives are listening to your views and helping residents every week

Our team of  Conservative Councillors and activists was joined again on Saturday by Rob Wilson MP. Local residents in Peppard were pleased to meet candidate Jane Stanford-Beale and to be asked their views and invited to offer opinions on both local and national issues.A second team of Wokingham Borough Councillors and members was out knocking on doors in the Loddon Ward of Woodley and many supporters were out this weekend delivering the latest Community Newsletter in Church Ward.  

Holding Labour to Account in Church Ward

Update on work of our councillors in Church Ward Tim Harris and Azam Janjua. Azam will be proposing two motions at tomorrow's council meeting. 

New Road named in memory of former RECA Vice President

A new road in Woodley has been named Henderson Close in memory of Kathleen Henderson who was a Conservative town and district councillor and chaired Woodley Town Council from 1990. She was a Vice President of the Association until her death aged 77 in 2009.

New Conservative Shadow Cabinet Announced

Cllr Tim Harris, the new Leader of Reading Borough Council’s Conservative Group has announced his new Shadow team following a wide-ranging reshuffle. He said, “This is a fantastic team that will set the agenda and take the fight to Labour, highlighting the many areas where they are failing the people of Reading. There is a good mix of experience and new faces in the Shadow Cabinet and I am particularly delighted to welcome Cllrs Dave Luckett and Emma Warman who join the front bench for the first time.

Road Safety Improvements for Caversham Primary children

Thanks to excellent collaborative work between Caversham Primary School's Headteacher - Ruth Perry, PCSO Karen Vaughan, local Conservative campaigner Ed Hopper and Thames Ward Councillor Isobel Ballsdon, the Council has painted yellow zig zags and "School Keep Clear" by the school's main entrance to the playground.

Reading Conservative Councillors Elect New Officer Team

Reading Conservatives have elected their new Reading Borough Council Group officer team.  Cllr Tim Harris was elected Leader unopposed. He was nominated by Cllr Richard Willis and seconded by Cllr Jeanette Skeats. Cllr Jeanette Skeats was re-elected unopposed as Deputy Leader; Cllr David Stevens was re-elected as Group Chairman and Cllr Richard Willis was elected Whip.

Listening to local people and acting on their concerns

Every Saturday we are meeting residents in Reading, in Caversham and in Woodley knocking on doors to talk to people about local and national concerns and helping with problems.If you would like to help us in our campaigns or if you need assistance then please call 0118 967 5797or email of the team out on Saturday in the Northumberland Road area are pictured here - Cllr Tim Harris, Cllr Azam Janjua, Rob Wilson MP, Cllr Isobel Ballsdon, Ed Hopper, Alison Swaddle and Cllr Abdul Loyes.