Budgens Precinct Car Park to be Fixed At Last

Local residents will be aware of the continuing poor state of the car park at the Emmer Green shopping precinct, better known as Budgens’ precinct. Richard and Jane have responded to many complaints from residents about the potholes, flooding and uneven surfaces. The land is privately owned but Conservative Councillors and Reading East MP Rob Wilson have been pressing for many years to get the owners to undertake a comprehensive resurfacing. Two years ago the Council granted planning permission for a scheme which would have seen much of the car park repaired and the paving slabs in front of the shops replaced.

The good news is that major repair work is about to get underway. From Monday 3 February a programme will commence to dig out and improve the drainage before a large part of the car park is underpinned and resurfaced. The bays will be remarked and there will be new clear disabled parking bays. Barriers will prevent vehicles from driving onto the paved area in front of the shops, which will ensure that the paving slabs are less likely to become uneven and a trip hazard. Contrary to some previous reports there is no intention to introduce pay and display in the car park. It will remain free to users of the shops.

This is now going ahead because the new owner Mr Karim Rashid has found a contractor who is prepared to complete the works at a cost which can be afforded by the smaller shopkeepers. During the works areas of the car park will inevitably be out of use to shoppers, so a period of disruption is to be expected.

Conservative Councillors Richard Willis and Jane Stanford-Beale have their monthly ward surgery in a Readibus in the precinct car park this Saturday 1 February from 1030-1200 noon.