Become a Councillor - make a difference!

Could you become a councillor?

Being a councillor is an extremely rewarding experience. It gives you the opportunity to help your local community and be part of a dedicated team providing key services for your area. It is also a great way to gain political experience and develop useful skills in public speaking, debating and problem solving. New councillors are good news. They mean fresh ideas and fresh enthusiasm, and that will be good for your council.

There has never been a better time to be a Conservative councillor. With over 9,000 Conservative councillors across Britain, we are now the largest party in local government and are in control of the national Local Government Association.

Conservative councillors underpin our Party. Across Britain our local councillors are showing how Conservatives can be trusted to deliver high quality, value for money public services. By becoming a councillor you really can make a difference.


If you would like to find out more about being a Councillor on your local town or Borough Council get in touch - simply email me at  or call our office  and we will arrange for more information or can simply arrange a convenient time to have a chat.

To be eligible you must be:

  1. A British subject or a citizen of the Irish Republic or the EU and resident in the UK. 
  2. At least eighteen years old on the day you are nominated. 
  3. Either on the electoral register for the council area in which you are seeking election, or have lived or worked in that council area for at least the last twelve months.


We hope to be selecting new candidates for the next election very soon, so now is an ideal time to get in touch.

Alison Swaddle

0118 9675797



The Conservative Councillors’ Association offers training to councillors and produces ‘A Guide to Becoming a Conservative Councillor’. To obtain a FREE pdf copy of the guide, please email cca@conservatives.comBefore you are elected you can become an Associate Member of the CCA and benefit from weekly email briefings, a quarterly magazine, free training events and subsidised rates at CCA conferences. In the run up to the local elections each year there is a specially discounted Candidate Membership.


Do I have the time?

It is possible to spend much of your time on council work but the vast majority of councillors have full time jobs, families and hobbies.

Unless you take on responsibility as a Cabinet member or a Chairman or Vice-Chairman of a committee, your work at the Civic Centre should not involve more than a few meetings a month (although this depends on the number of committees/panels you serve on).

In addition to this, the Conservative Group will have private meetings from time to time and you will have meetings to attend in your ward.

How much do I need to know?

You are not going to be expected to take direct responsibility for running the council on the first day you are elected. The main qualifications are an interest in your community and a willingness to learn. Knowledge, experience and confidence will soon follow.

You will receive support from the Conservative Association, your council colleagues and the Party. Most local authorities provide training and IT support. Council officers are there to help you, they are professionally trained staff who are employed to carry out the lawful functions and duties of a council.

Can I afford it?

Borough Councils pay a basic allowance that varies depending on the type and size of the council.