Another Inaccurate Press Release (for Second Time in a Week) From ‘Muddled Matt’

“A little knowledge is proving a dangerous thing for an inexperienced Labour candidate,” said Rob Wilson MP in response to the second muddled press release in a week that failed to properly understand a local issue and contained basic inaccuracies.  “He really needs to do his homework better before issuing these risible communications to the local news papers, it’s simply not good enough to try to frighten people when you have little idea what you are talking about! He’s really building a reputation as Muddled Matt.”   


“GPs at the Priory Avenue Surgery did not wish to continue their contract to provide services at the surgery, so the PCT is commissioning a new GP provider through an open tendering process, the framework for which was set up by the previous Labour Government.  Mr Rodda does not appear to understand that GPs are contracted by the NHS and their practices are in the main private concerns already.   However, they are contracted to provide an NHS Service, as will whoever wins the current tendering process.”


“Does he not understand that he’s complaining about health reforms and processes that his Labour Government set up to allow more private company involvement in the NHS? He also talks about the Government cutting the NHS, but again he has got this wrong.  The only proposal to cut the NHS is from his own Shadow Secretary of State for Health who believed it is “irresponsible” to increase spending.  In Wales, Labour is the Government and it is significantly cutting health spending.  He really doesn’t know what he is talking about.”


“What I do know is that there is absolutely no need to frighten or worry Priory Avenue patients in this irresponsible way.  The quality standards that will be provided will be at least as good, or better, than previously supplied. There has been participation in the process by a representative of patients and the services offered will be the same.”


“What I find surprising, although I know I should not, is that local Labour Cllrs have been briefed on all this by the PCT and they still choose to put out this inaccurate material.”


“I had hoped after his last error strewn effort on Alana House, he would think more carefully and be less muddled in his press releases. It appears ‘Muddled Matt’ does not intend to bother with the facts or knowing the local area.”